BRIDGE Intensive Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Your resource for any questions you might have about the BRIDGE Intensive Program.  Still have questions?  Contact us directly.

Our BRIDGE Program for the 8-week intensive therapy is at capacity for Summer 2024. If you’d like to enroll your child in ongoing therapy, please visit our sign-up page to start the process!

The 2024 Summer BRIDGE Program allows for an intenstive opportunity for select clients who choose to increase intervention at our clinics during June and July.  The entire program runs June 3rd through July 26th. It is an 8 week program and would be in addition to a clients standing theraputic weekly sessions already established with the practice. 

The BRIDGE Program is going to be held at both of our clinics, so the opportunity is available at both Prairie Village and Leawood clinics.


It is still 1:1 direct treatment.

If the client enrolls in the BRIDGE Program, it will be billed to insurance or private pay depending upon their insurance benefits.

Our sign-up form will go live at 8 AM on Friday, March 1st. We will post the link on our social media accounts, as well as distribute to our current clients via text and email. 


Yes – however please be aware it is only an 8 week session that runs June 3rd through July 26th. We will conduct a clinical evaluation prior to the summer BRIDGE Program services beginning.  If you would like to continue therapy into the fall semester, please fill out an intake form on our website at:


We are developing a Schedule Change Request Form for families to utilize that will facilitate all scheduling adjustment requests year-round. We will not be accepting any temporary summer schedule requests. Any schedule changes made for the summer are permanent changes. 

Unfortunately, once you decide to make a schedule change – that previous day/time session will be given to another client waiting for services. If your family would like to request a different day/time for the Fall school semester, that will be processed with our new Schedule Change Request.  

We can absolutely accommodate that – please reach out to your therapist directly to arrange these summer sessions, as every therpaist will have cancellations weekly that they can offer your family! 

We are excited to introduce our new BRIDGE Program, the exclusive therapy option available this summer! We highly recommend exploring this opportunity. If it doesn’t match your child’s needs and you have an established relationship with a therapist, consider opting for weekly PRN sessions, tailored to your schedule and preferences with that therapist directly.

The summer is a great time for a kiddo to increase their therapy. Our new BRIDGE Program might be a good fit for your child to have intensive therapy for a 8 week time frame. If your family is only wanting 1-2 extra sessions per week, than we suggest reaching out directly to your therapist to secure that on a week by week basis (often referred to as PRN/as needed) when a therapist has a cancellation on their schedule.

This summer, schedule change requests will be similar to our year-round process.  We are developing a ‘Schedule Change Request’ form for families to utilize. We will not be accepting any temporary summer schedule requests. Any schedule changes made for the summer are permanent changes.

We completely understand that summer creates a scheduling dilemma for many families, that is why we encourage make up sessons! If you are unable at any time to commit to a weekly ongoing session, we would conduct a ‘break’ in services until a permanent weekly schedule can be established that aligns with your availability. 

This is something we hope to develop in the future, but at this time we do not have any plans solidified for these activities. We encourage you to check out our resources page with community happenings: