Clinic Manager- Prairie Village Clinic

Full time

Primary responsibility is to manage the scheduling process of client treatment throughout the year.

– Acts as the architect of therapist schedules, continuously keeping an open line of communication with therapists with the intention of maximizing each therapist’s schedule and meeting his/her desired billable hours weekly.

– Keep a constant and continuous line of communication open with therapists at the designated clinic regarding their desired and scheduled billable hours and breaks.

– Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of each therapist’s schedules, clarifying any outstanding details related to anticipated or upcoming changes with the intention of maximizing scheduling availability for the clinic.

– Communicate effectively with therapists to understand desires related to evaluation frequency, maximizing any open availability on therapist’s schedules to meet each therapist’s desires for weekly productivity and meet the scheduling demands of current and potential clients.

– Oversee and manage the therapist’s schedules to ensure that they are being updated daily with any changes to appointments

– Oversee and manage therapist coverage to ensure accuracy is upheld, communication is clear internally and externally, core values are continuously met with decision making, and processes are efficient. Effectively utilize clinic administrative support to ensure processes are completed accurately, efficiently, and timely.

– Therapist coverage includes any changes of routinely scheduled treating therapist involving a covering therapist, including scheduled vacations, scheduled out of the office times, maternity or extended medical leave, and emergency coverage situations.

– Monitor changes to appointments and proactively respond to issues with attendance with the intention of meeting core values and maximizing therapist schedule availability.

– Oversee and assist with the initial intake coordination for new clients which includes working with the Clinic administrators to monitor the intake process and schedule new evaluations.

– Maintain a consistent workflow which allows for continuous scheduling of new clients.

– Work with the leadership team to monitor, establish, and meet goals and metrics related to scheduling.

– Oversee and manage the scheduling process for new evaluations, maintaining a consistent rotation of scheduling evaluations with each therapist within every discipline, taking into consideration the best match for client/therapist profile.

– Utilize support from the clinic administrators to assist with scheduling-related tasks with an emphasis on maximizing therapist availability at all times. Utilizes support by leading by example, but understands the importance of delegation and optimizing time and energy spent on the highest needs of the clinic targeting scheduling.

– Act as a liaison for families with questions that are escalated to the Clinic Manager related to scheduling, billing, or conflicts. Support therapists with communicating with families, and connecting families with the right “source” so that their needs can be met with high touch services.

– Oversee maintenance of emails to make sure all incoming requests are attended to within 24 business hours.

– Work with the revenue cycle manager to analyze scheduling to ensure we are maximizing reimbursement while keeping client satisfaction our #1 priority.

– Orchestrate and lead weekly potential client meetings with clinic administrators in order to keep a steady flow of information to incoming clients related to scheduling availability, and ensure we are efficient with processing potential clients through the intake process as quickly as possible.

– Orchestrate and lead weekly schedule management meetings to analyze incoming clients, therapist gaps and availability, forecast staffing needs, identify areas for marketing to target growth, and ensure transparency is upheld with all leadership and management team members regarding scheduling trends and needs.

– Work closely with all members of management and leadership on supporting new staff and therapist recruitment, hiring, and orientation.

– Support the leadership and management team members with implementing strategies to ensure quality control of therapies, treatment, and improving current processes/practices of the clinic.

– Use appropriate interpersonal techniques to resolve difficult patient situations to regain patient/family confidence if/when necessary.

Hour & Location

Prairie Village Clinic; Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.


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