Clinic Coordinator

Full Time
Coordinating the initial intake process and supporting scheduling for new clients which includes:

-Communicating routinely with the clinic manager to efficiently transition clients through the intake process and supporting the clinic manager with scheduling new evaluations as quickly as possible.

-Communicating effectively with potential client families, checking insurance benefits, explaining the evaluation and treatment process, assisting potential clients in gathering intake information required prior to setting up services, flagging any need for insurance authorization, and managing the potential client organization file to transition clients smoothly through the intake process and ensure all necessary information is gathered and filed appropriately.

-Managing client data files in the electronic medical records system system.

-Completing weekly Potential Client meetings with the Clinic manager in order to analyze incoming clients, scheduling, therapist gaps and availability, and clinic needs.

-Support with verifying benefits for potential clients as they come in

-Support with gathering new insurance information for all clients and re-verifying benefits at the start of the new calendar year

-Work closely with the revenue cycle manager in monitoring and requesting insurance authorization.

-Providing support and assistance to the Clinic Manager with scheduling needs across both clinic locations.

-Managing all incoming faxes and clinic directed emails.

-Managing communication from external sources including documentation requests, faxes, and email inquiries.

-Managing the phone systems and answering calls from potential clients seeking services.

-Acting as a client support specialist for current and potential clients. Being a liaison for families with questions that are related to basic scheduling, billing, and intake questions. Communicating with families, and connecting clients with the right “source” so that their needs can be met with high touch services.

-Running payments for services.

-Helping to maintain clinic supplies—taking weekly inventory and restock needed items.

-Helping to maintain general cleanliness and organization in the office.

-Assisting with general administrative/organizational/marketing tasks as needed


Monday-Friday 8-5


Leawood Clinic


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