• Do we provide transportation to and from the clinic?

    If your child is on an IEP, the district may be able to provide SPED bussing to the clinic for therapy services. Your therapy team can help determine if this might be an option for your family.

  • Can we provide intensive services when the child would benefit from therapies across disciplines?

    We tailor our intervention services to each child’s unique, individual needs. Treatment plans vary from 1 hour/week-20 hours/week. Your therapy team will work with you to set up an intensive therapy plan based upon your child’s individual needs.

  • Can parents observe sessions?

    We believe that parents are their child’s best teacher and welcome active participation of parents throughout the therapy process. Some parents chose to stay for treatment and be an active participant/play partner while some parents chose to observe sessions. Many parents feel more comfortable being an active observer early in therapy as they begin to learn about our therapy process, and then take the time that their child is in therapy to relax in our waiting room or go and run errands.

  • Are parents trained on how to implement feeding therapy within the home environment to ensure carry-over of skills?

    Our therapists work closely with parents to generalize learned skills within a therapy session to the home environment. Therapists may ask for parents to be present during the session to learn and observe the techniques used in feeding therapy, or they may set up home based treatment sessions to analyze the child’s unique needs in their own environment and give recommendations regarding environmental modification.

  • Can playABILITIES collaborate with child’s school or ABA team regarding goals and strategies during treatment?

    We love to help families “close the gap” between their child’s different providers—whether that be with the school team or with different medical providers. As long as we have a signed release, we are able to communicate and collaborate with other providers including attending IEP meetings.

  • Do we provide ABA therapy?

    We do not provide ABA therapy, however we do consult with a BCBA in order to collaborate on developing behavior reinforcement programs for families who struggle with specific difficult behaviors for their child.

  • What is the latest the clinic is open and are we open on the weekend?

    The last appointment for the evening is typically 6:00-7:00 PM, and we do provide occupational and speech therapy treatment on Saturday depending upon therapist availability.

  • Who do I contact if I am needing to cancel or running late?
  • Can you come to my child’s daycare to provide services?

    We do consult with daycares and can set up observations to make appropriate recommendations for strategies that daycares can implement. Direct treatment at a daycare may be available dependent upon daycare location and therapist availability to travel to and from the daycare.

  • Does playABILITIES offer payment plans?

    We are able to work with families to set up payment plans

  • Does playABILITIES offer scholarships?

    Some of our clients have been recipients of scholarship funds through https://www.theaidanprojectkc.org/

  • Will my child be treated by a therapy assistant?

    All of our treating therapists are licensed and registered occupational, speech, and physical therapists with at least a master’s or doctoral degree or equivalent in their area of discipline.

  • What is the cost of services through insurance?

    In order to accurately quote you on the cost of evaluation and treatment services through insurance, we would need for you to complete an online intake form and upload a copy of your insurance card, as out of pocket responsibilities can vary between different insurance plans.

  • Do I have to stay for treatment?

    It is not required for you to stay during your child’s treatment time. Many parents use their child’s therapy time as an opportunity to go to the grocery store (next door), go run errands, or take a “regulation break” themselves by going for a walk around the park across the street. Parents are always welcome to stay to observe or participate in therapy if they prefer, but we understand a parent’s need for a break as well!

  • Can you diagnose my child with…. autism, adhd, etc?

    We do not provide diagnostic evaluations, however we are happy to refer your family to providers who we work with in the area who are able to provide diagnostic evaluations. We are happy to provide paperwork and clinical observations to diagnosticians to support their ability to complete a diagnostic evaluation on your child.

  • My child is nonverbal- can you provide services to nonverbal children?

    Yes. Our occupational, physical, and speech therapists are highly trained in working with children with various needs, including children who are nonverbal.

  • Do you offer group therapy during the school year?

    The majority of our group therapy is done during the summer months, however our groups are continually changing based on the time of the year and requests from our families. Please contact us to learn about what groups are currently being offered.

  • Can you provide 100% home based therapy?

    Due to our therapist’s schedules, we are not able to provide 100% home based therapy. We are able to schedule home therapy visits into a client’s treatment program, however at least 75% of the client’s treatment plan must be clinic-based.

  • Can an evaluation/observation be done at daycare, school, or home?

    All evaluations are completed within the clinic setting secondary to the equipment needed to complete evaluations. If concerns are heavily school based (i.e. destructive or defiant behavior specifically within a preschool classroom), our therapists are happy to set up a school observation to assess the child’s needs within this context.

  • Do I need a doctor’s referral?

    We do currently request you to provide us with a script for us to keep on file from your child’s physician or psychologist for insurance purposes.