Our Commitment

The Heart of the Mission

At Playabilities, we believe in the power of collaboration to enhance the well-being of every child. Our commitment to fostering strong partnerships with healthcare professionals, especially physicians, is at the heart of our mission.

Why It Matters

Why Collaboration Matters

Pediatric and adolescent therapy is a holistic journey, and we understand that seamless collaboration with other healthcare professionals is essential for comprehensive care. We recognize the valuable insights and expertise that physicians bring to the table, and we strive to work hand-in-hand to create personalized treatment plans that address the unique needs of each child.

Partners You Can Trust

Your Partner in Pediatric Care

As your trusted partner in pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation services, we are delighted to offer e-referral sign-ups for physicians. This streamlined process ensures quick and efficient communication, allowing us to initiate the therapeutic journey promptly. Physicians can easily refer their young patients to our specialized occupational, speech, and physical therapy services with just a few clicks.

Benefits of E-Referral Sign Ups


Save time with a quick and convenient referral process, enabling faster access to pediatric occupational, speech, and physical therapy services.


Enhance communication between healthcare professionals, ensuring a seamless flow of information for better-informed decision-making.

Patient-Centric Care

Put the child’s well-being first by facilitating prompt access to the therapeutic support they need.

The Step-By-Step

How It Works

Sign Up

Physicians can easily sign up for a customized, HIPAA compliant e-referral form, creating a secure and efficient channel for collaboration.

Referral Submission

After the unique e-referral link is delivered to the physician, they can immediately submit referrals electronically, providing essential information about the child’s needs and medical history.


Physicians receive prompt confirmation of each referral receipt, following with our commitment to keeping physicians informed at every step of the client’s journey.

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